Service support system

Technical Services

Kaibo, being both a machine tools manufacturer and trading company in China, can also provide you with the best solutions for your production line and your business in or from China. We manufacture a wide range of machine tools, such as:

- CNC Engraving Milling Machine

- CNC Lathe

-CNC Vertical Machine Center

- Tapping Machine

- Gantry Milling Machine

Kaibo can become your best partner with machinery solutions in the following fields:

1. Mold products and mold making.

2. Tooling technology for the improvement of your existing machinery.

3. Tech/Commercial consultation for valuable costumers who would like to build plants or commercial offices in China in the area of machine tools.

4. Marketing research, data collection and analysis for any customers in the area of machine tools.

5. For all your procurement of machinery in China; we can help you choose the best suppliers and our Engineers can provide technical appraisal for your reference.

Customer Service
1. Kaibo guarantees continuous and ongoing technical support for all of our products, and any technical enquiry of our machines can be replied within 24 hours.

2. Spare parts, in their majority, can be supplied within 48 hours after confirmation.

3. The warranty period of Kaibo’s machine tools is 12 months form the date of completion of installation and commissioning.

4. At Kaibo we provide our customers with all the details, including machinery details, their operation, and technical support.