DC-6040A CNC engraving milling machine adopts servo motor, linear guide rail and precision ball screw. It has the characteristics of high precision, little noise, strong stability and so on.This machine adopts 1.5KW high-precision frequency conversion spindle, so that the processing becomes a kind of artistic creation, and it is easy to use.

AccuracyPositioning accuracy0.01/300mm
Repeat positioning accuracy0.005mm
WorktableWorktable size625*450mm
 T-slot size4T-12-120mm
Max. load150Kg
TravelX/Y/Z axis travel600/400/140mm
Gantry width705mm
Beam to worktable300mm
Spindle nose to worktable140-280mm
FeedMax. feeding speed G0012m/min
Max. working speed G018m/min
X/Y/Z axis motor power400/400/400w
SpindleSpindle motor power1.5KW
Spindle Max. speed24000rpm
Tool holderER16(Φ3.17-Φ8)
CommonPower supply and total capacity1P/220V/50Hz/5KVA
Machine weight2000Kg
Main partsControllerSyntec 21MA/Taiwan
AC servo motor(Driver)Yaskawa/Japan
Spindle inverterInovance/China
Linear guide wayHiwin,PMI/Taiwan
Ball screwHiwin,PMI/Taiwan
Electronic hand-wheelEHDW-BA5S-1 Future/Taiwan
Lubrication systemYET-A2P2 ISHAN/Taiwan

Video of DC-6040A in stock: