About us

With over 20 years of machine tools manufacturing experience,in particular CNC engraving milling machines.

Kaibo with independent research and development, design, production, has been named China famous brand.

In china,only CNC Engraving milling machines share more than 30% market.


Kaibo developed the CNC engraving milling machine corporate standards, Was designated as the national standard by GB in 2009.


Kaibo total of five plants, 360 staffs,   210 technicians. From 2007,output value of more than 20 millon dollars,So far remained 20% -30%  

growth each year.

Kaibo excellent quality CNC engraving machines has won wide recognition of mold manufacturing, product processing and other sectors.

And exported to many countries in Europe, America, Southeast Asia.

We will always work with aim of "Forging competitive engraving products to meet demand of customers"and will try our best to offer highly active service.



Kaibo Machine is in business to create values,serving the  ,never to be satisfied to our machines,and eternally producing a new high quality .With beadvanced technology and trustworthy quality. Our group

cooperation will give you perfect service.



1.       1994,Ninghai County Feihe Machiner Engraving Factory was founded.

2.       2001 ,We Started to manufacture CNC Engraving Milling Machine.

3.       2003 Kaibo Machinery Co;Ltd was found.

4.       2004 Kaibo Sheet metal factory was found

5.       2005 Kaibo was establish CNC MACHINE TOOL research center.

6.       2006 Kaibo was establish CNC machinery training center.

7.       2009.Nanjing Yongbo CNC Machinery Co;Ltd was establish.

8.       2009,Kaibo machine was designated as the national standard by GB.

9.       2009,Kaibo start product gantry milling machine and 5-axis engraving milling machine. 


Tour our factory--An Open Invitation.


Whether you are talking about to investment in CNC machines,before you decisions,allow Kaibo the opportunity to show you how our machines work can become your productivity advantage.

KAIBO will work with you, taking into consideration your production goals and parts fabrication challenges, in determining the best bottom-line productivity solution specific to your needs.

Finding real answers to real customer challenges is what makes KAIBO the CNC machining leader and what keeps KAIBO ahead of the competition. KAIBO’s complete range of CNC machining options and integrated solutions approach provides the real-world performance you’re looking for in a manufacturing partner.

We invite you to visit our factory and bring you to visit our customers factory, study from each other.Let KAIBO’S team do one of your part in your cnc machining.