Technical consultation-Strong Technical team


Kaibo, as one of machine tools suppliers in china, also provides you the best solution for your production line and also your business in or from china, if you would like to build machining line

by use of variable type of machine tools, metal cutting machine tools, metal forming machine tools, Yuwe can become your best partner, and always be with you, we are serving the machine’s

solution in the below fields:

1  Automation production line for automobile industry: machining technology of car components,
    engine technology, shaft machining etc.

2  Energy industries, power plant, ship building etc: oil pipe machining line, solution for pipe threading
    with API standard and special shape treading machining, machine’s solution for processing turbine

3  Machines’ solution for mould products and mould making

4  Tooling technology for improvement of your machining

5  Tech-commercial consultation for valuable customer who would like to build plant or commercial
     office in china and be related with machine tools

6  Marketing research and information collection and analyze for any customers related with machine